01 December 2012

Brunch at Pewter Rose Bistro

I recently collaborated with my friend Koichi Matsuda, who handles the social media for Pewter Rose Bistro in Charlotte, NC to photograph some of the Saturday and Sunday Brunch Specials. With the glamorous assistance of my boyfriend, Photographer Dillon Deaton, we were able to shoot two entrees and a dessert before we ate! 

01 October 2012

The Sassy Cook

This is a portrait I took of my friend Lauren Baxter, to show how much she loves cooking! Lauren is probably one of the best cooks I know and we had so much fun whipping this up!

22 September 2012

Forming Ideas

I looked outside last night around 7:30 and saw the most beautiful light spilling onto my porch so I grabbed some dried shitake mushrooms and picked a banana pepper from the garden. Such simplistic beauty! This has inspired me to do a study of mushrooms in studio next week! I wonder if I can train my dog to sniff out truffles?

21 September 2012

A Midday Visit: Christina and Sophia

This afternoon I stopped by my friend Christina's to visit with her and her daughter Sophia. I asked if I could take a few photos of them while I was there, so we headed out to the garden. Once outside, the light danced on our backs and baby Sophia led us around tasting all the goodies the garden had to offer. We had such a good time I had to post all of them!

Smelling the flowers...
Eating the flowers...

Tasting some Rasperries

Tasting some nasturtiums, which I later found out can mean maternal love.

Spicy Mint!